The Good Life

by Black+Heart+Melt

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Written in 2003, The Good Life had been collecting dust on shelves full of cassettes and in Jesús' head for 10 years when he decided to finally put it out and move on. It was recorded during the first half of November, 2013 at The House of Nye, Ribera, NM.


released November 20, 2013

Jesús Aldana-Alba did it all by himself - with much gratitude to his family and friends.



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Black+Heart+Melt Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Life and The Pressure of The Times
Good Morning.

It feels like you come in live colors -
like you've been here your whole damned life...
Some would call it luck.

That ends are the reasons is true -
and that reason is all about you...
Some would say you're all fucked.

Because you crawl across the bitter floor -
itching for so much more...
I've grown long.

Feel for the million -
feel for the one -
look: see the sky's down on you.

And I'm not beat -
no, I'm not sleepy -
look: see the light.
Track Name: AWOL
Green and tan - you say you wanna go home...
but, who'll drive you home? Not green men.
Remember, Love: they'll talk about all that's wrong with the world...
but, if you hitch that ride, then talk about peace.

If you're gone all night, you just might
lose your mind.
you could break your fingers in the desert wind;
cut your finger.

Remember this through your tribulations before the doors
swing right open on a new vocation: a hole.
Who'll drive you home? Get your self home, boy...
and, if you hitch that ride, then talk about peace... love... hope.

If you're gone all night, you just might
lose your mind.
you could break your fingers in the desert wind;
cut your finger.

It'll feel good
to know you're home...
some sustenance; some sustainant.
It'll feel good
to know you're whole...
some sustenance; some sustainant.
Track Name: Scarlet Blues

Track Name: Dive
Good advice to hold onto.

Good advice to bleed for you.
Track Name: The Dirty
Your heart - it beats a way.
Track Name: Colossus
Feel the weight upon your brow as you
wait for time to call.
But, leave the burden, wake the sound
and bring the day along...

Once, you stumbled in the dark
and stars fell all around you.
Now, your blackened heart melts by a spark -
you feel it grow inside

Choose, sir - now: your own life

I see the smile upon your face
and check to right the wrong.
Now lift the weight, call off the race
and sing another song

You'll see nothing of what came before.
You'll see everything 'cause time won't fall